June 28, 2017

Just One Image Could Double Your Traffic

I know, it sounds like the usual Internet hype, one image could double your Internet search traffic.  But it isn’t.  In fact, I’m willing to suggest that one image could not only double your traffic, but could quite possibly triple or even quadruple the traffic from Internet searches.  Let me show you how.

Google has changed the way they display search results for over three hundred key words and counting. Maybe you have seen it. Below is a search for “Pizza Palmdale”.  If you click on any of the photos, the information for that business you clicked is displayed beneath the banner.

Carousel of Local Search Results

Carousel of Local Search Results

The good news is that you no longer have to be in the top two or three search results to get noticed.  Whether you are the number one search result on the extreme left, in the middle, or are the extreme right it is all about the same. And if a customer wants to see more search results all they have to do is click on the arrow at the edge of the carousel pointing right and more search results are swept into view.

Now, instead of striving for top ranking to get noticed, You Need Visually Dynamic Images.

If you have a bland image or the default image of the map, potential customers will not initially notice you.  A brighter more appealing image will attract more customers attention.  In the example above it, the red Pizza Hut logo jumps out at you.  Even if the customer doesn’t like Pizza Hut they certainly know it’s an option.  And Pizza Hut didn’t have to be number one in the search results to get noticed.

If one of the other pizza vendors added a powerful image to their Google business listing it would be a very safe estimate that they could double or even triple their click through rate.  These businesses could upload their logo like Pizza Hut did, or some other shot that would grab the consumers attention. The obvious choice here is a shot of mouth watering delicious pizza or an attractive female seductively eating pizza.  You can let your imagination run wild.

However, for most businesses I lean toward using an established business logo for the carousel image. Your customers already know who you are and the quality of your product.  You just need to make it easy for them to see you and so that they can place their order with you.  Google has another page where you can tell your complete story with images.

The key here is to have a photo or image in the carousel that jumps out from the page and attracts attention. You need to take action. If you don’t terrible things can happen.  We are in an Instagram world where there is a huge interest in photographs and images.  If you don’t upload a suitable image for Google to use to represent your business, Google will use any related image it can find.  Often they will use a photo that some customer has uploaded to your Google business listing.  Sometimes this works out and it’s a great shot of your business.  But there’s also the risk that it is a terrible shot or has nothing to do with your business and does your business more harm than good.

Business owners Cannot leave this to chance.  They need to either upload photos themselves that gets the customers attention and encourages them to click on the image for more information or hire somebody to do this.